Thames-Coromandel District Council


Date:          19 November 2014


Time:          9:00am


Venue:        Council Chambers

                   515 MacKay Street


Item     Business


1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       Minutes for confirmation

            Attachment A - UNCONFIRMED 22 October 2014 - Council Minutes (pdf, 346KB)


2          Planning and Strategic Relationships

2.1       Adoption of Revised Parking Control Bylaw (pdf, 30KB)



2.2       Proposed 2015 Meeting Schedule (pdf, 129KB)


3          Community Governance

3.1       New Lease - Destination Coromandel Trust - Mercury Bay I-site   (pdf, 130KB)

Attachment A - Draft deed of lease and aerial - Destination Coromandel Trust (pdf, 5.04MB)


3.2       New Lease - Mercury Bay Rugby and Sports Club Inc - Lyons Park (pdf, 132KB)

            Attachment A - New Deed of Lease Mercury Bay Rugby and Sports Club Inc (pdf, 3.93MB)


3.3       Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust CCO Exemption (pdf, 118KB)

            Attachment A - The Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust Financial Statements for year ended 30 June 2014 (pdf, 353KB)


4          Finance

4.1       31 October 2014 - Financial Results for the period ended (pdf, 36KB)


4.2       Development Contribution Policy November 2014 Council report (pdf, 76KB)

            Attachment A - Draft Statement of Proposal and Revised Development Contribution Policy (pdf, 1.17MB)


5          Infrastructure

5.1       Flooding Investigations and Options for Sarah Avenue, Whitianga (pdf, 63KB)

5.2       Funding of Manaia Road Causeway Project (pdf, 35KB)


6          Chief Executive

6.1       October 2014 - Chief Executive Report (pdf, 100KB)


7          Members' Reports


8          Public Excluded

8.1       Public Excluded - minutes for confirmation

8.2       Whitianga Wastewater Treatment Plant - De-watering System Renewal

8.3       Water Services Operations and Maintenance Contract Extension