Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Meeting Agenda

13 April 2015


Lakes Resort, Pauanui

Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       16 February 2015 Tairua-Pauanui Community Board - Confirmation of Minutes (pdf, 82KB)

            Attachment A - UNCONFIRMED 16 February 2015 Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Minutes (pdf, 341.90KB)


2          Governance

2.1       Non-notified Resource Consent Comments Report (pdf, 43KB)

            Attachment A - Non-notified Resource consent comments summary (pdf, 37.71KB)

2.2       Confirm Submission to the Thames-Coromandel District Council's 2015-2025 Long Term Plan (pdf, 92KB)

2.3       Freedom Camping Pauanui Waterways (pdf, 32.75KB)


3          Local Activities: Policy/Levels of Service Operational

3.1       Application for a change to an approved 2013-2014 Community Grant application (pdf, 73KB)

            Attachment A - Application for a change to approved community grant funding (pdf, 49.58KB)

            Attachment B - 2013/14 approved community grant funding (pdf, 83.42KB)

3.2       Victoria Court Stormwater Outlet (pdf, 229KB)

            Attachment A - Photos of Stormwater outlet (pdf, 432.86KB)

            Attachment B - Victoria Court Stormwater Design Showing Outfall (pdf, 789.55KB)

3.3       Easement for New Footpath on Centreway, Pauanui (pdf, 47KB)

            Attachment A - Centreway Footpath Design (pdf, 466.35KB)


4          District Activities: Local Input Policy/Levels of Service

            No items received


5          District Activities

            No items received


6          Reports         

6.1       Tairua-Pauanui Community Board 2014-2015 Work Programme  (pdf, 42KB)

            Attachment A - 2014-2015 Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Work Programme Update (pdf, 135.35KB)

6.2       Members' Report


7          Public Excluded

            No items received