Thames-Coromandel District Council Meeting Agenda

15 April 2015


Council Chambers, 515 Mackay Street Thames

Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest


2          Planning and Strategic Relationships

2.1       Council submission on National Environmental Standards Telecommunications Facilities 2015 change (pdf, 31.23KB)


2.2       Report April 2015 Submission to Waikato Regional Council Long Term Plan (pdf, 41.85KB)

            Attachment A - Submission to WRC 2015-25 LTP Consultation Document (pdf, 136.10KB)


2.3       Hearing of submissions to the draft Class 4 Gambling Policy and Board Venue Policy (pdf, 42.17KB)

            Attachment A - Hearing Pack - Gambling Venues Policy (pdf, 10.99MB)


2.4       Hearing of submissions to the draft Psychoactive Products Retail Location Policy (pdf, 42.03KB)

            Attachment A - Hearing Pack - Psychoactive Product Retail Location Policy (pdf, 4.68MB)


2.5       Hearing of submissions to the draft Cemeteries Bylaw (pdf, 43.05KB)

            Attachment A - Hearing Pack - Cemeteries Bylaw (pdf, 370.27KB)