Economic Development Committee

Meeting 9 June 2015

Start time 9.00am

Venue Mercury Bay Area Office

Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       Economic Development Committee minutes for confirmation (pdf, 66KB)

            Attachment A - 24 April 2015 - Unconfirmed Economic Development Committee minutes (pdf, 262.67KB)


2          Anchor Projects

2.1       Coromandel Great Walks Project Definition (pdf, 24KB)

2.2       Update on WWI Memorial Forest (pdf, 217KB)

            Attachment A - Cathedral Cove Memorial Trees (pdf, 1.94MB)

2.2.1    Late item - WWI Memorial Forests (pdf, 54KB)


3          Economic Development Strategy and Work Programme

3.1       Whitianga iSite Service Level Agreement Report  (pdf, 41KB)

            Attachment A - January 2015 SLA report Whitianga i-SITE (pdf, 596.95KB)

3.2       Destination Coromandel and Thames Visitor Information Centre (pdf, 73.05KB)

Attachment A - Destination Coromandel 2015 -18 Funding Agreement (pdf, 464.43KB)

Attachment B - Thames Visitor Information Centre 2015 - 18 Funding Agreement

3.3       Co-funding broadband developments (pdf, 86KB)

            Attachment A - Vodafone Letter re Kaueranga Valley tower co-investment proposal (pdf, 1.01MB)

            Attachment B - St John's letter re co-investment proposal (pdf, 1.97MB)

Late item - Bid for Government funding of broadband (pdf, 24KB)

3.4       Coromandel Food Trail (pdf, 32KB)

3.5       Waikato Regional 2014 Economic Activity (pdf, 40KB)

3.6       LGNZ Tourism Forum (pdf, 35KB)

3.7       Members reports

3.8       Mercury 250th Anniversary Trust (pdf, 457KB)

3.9       Late item - EDC Performance Measures (pdf, 44KB)


4          Public Excluded

4.1       Business friendly initiative

4.2       Sugarloaf project status update

4.3       Late - Thames ISITE Update