Mercury Bay Community Board Meeting Agenda

30 June 2015


Mercury Bay Community Board Room, 10 Monk Street, Whitianga

Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       Mercury Bay Community Board May 2015  Minutes for Confirmation  (pdf, 64KB)

            Attachment A - Unconfirmed 19 May 2015 Mercury Bay Community Board minutes

1.6       June 2015 Mercury Bay Community Board Correspondence   (pdf, 38KB)


2          Local Activities: Policy/Levels of Service Operational

2.1       June 2015  - Mercury Bay Community Board Work Programme  (pdf, 42KB)

            Attachment A - June Works programme  

2.2       Whitianga Town Centre redevelopment concept (pdf, 76KB)

            Attachment A - Key Plans for Concept Details  

            Attachment B Waterfront  

2.3       2015 - 2016 - Mercury Bay Minor Works Projects (pdf, 53KB)

            Attachment A Parks and Reserves Planning 2015 forward

2.4       Amendment to Coromandel Helicopter Trust Lease (pdf, 55KB)

            Attachment A - Proposed site of new building

            Attachment B - 90 Moewai

2.5       Mercury Bay Mutli Sport Park Clubroom Report  (pdf, 37KB)

            Attachment A Concept Plan  

            Attachment B Sports park work programme


3          Reports

3.1       Members' Reports


4          Public Excluded

4.1       New Lease - Veolia Water - Whitianga Depot