Thames-Coromandel District Council Meeting


Date†††††††††† 5 August 2015

Time††††††††† 09:00

Venue††††††† Council Chamber

†††††††††††††††††† 515 Mackay Street

†††††††††††††††††† Thames

Item†††† Business

1††††††††† Meeting Conduct

1.1†††††† Apologies

1.2†††††† Public Forum

1.3†††††† Items not on the Agenda

1.4†††††† Conflict of Interest

1.5†††††† Minutes for confirmation

Attachment A - Minutes for confirmation (pdf, 749KB)


2††††††††† Governance, Planning and Strategy

2.1†††††† Referendum on continuation of fluoridation of Thames water supply (pdf, 188KB)

††††††††††† Attachment A - Fluoride referendum communications plan and FAQs (pdf, 597.04KB)

2.2†††††† Thames Community Board recommendation - request to place referendum signage on Council land (pdf, 67KB)

††††††††††† Attachment A - Request to erect signage on Council land (pdf, 93.86KB)

2.3†††††† Council report 5 August 2016 meeting calendar (pdf, 72KB)

††††††††††† Attachment A - 2016 Calender for meetings of Council, Committee and Community Boards (pdf, 72.87KB)

2.4†††††† Representation Review August 2015 Council basis of election deliberations (pdf, 228KB)

2.5†††††† Freedom Camping Bylaw amendments August 2015 Council meeting (pdf, 44KB)

2.6†††††† Council Report - August 2015 - Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy and Board Venue Policy - adoption (pdf, 283KB)

††††††††††† Attachment A: Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy and Board Venue Policy - Strikethrough version for adoption - August (pdf, KB)

††††††††††† Attachment B - Example of Class 4 Venue Relocation Application (pdf, 217.17KB)

2.7†††††† Council report August 2015 Thames Community Board Long Term Plan funding requests (pdf, 30KB)


3††††††††† Community Governance

3.1†††††† Whangamata Community Board Recommendation - Whangamata Combined Sports Centre and Enterprise Whangamata Inc (pdf, 78KB)

3.2†††††† Thames Community Board recommendation - Thames Indoor Sports Facility project (pdf, 158KB)

3.3†††††† Hosting the Problem Orientated Policing Award (pdf, 26KB)


4††††††††† Finance

4.1†††††† 30 June 2015 - Interim Financial Results for the year ending (pdf, 58KB)

††††††††††† Attachment A - June 2015 interim - Financial results for the period ended (pdf, 423.16KB)

4.2†††††† Engagement held in Mercury Bay area on increase o Community Reserve Contribution (pdf, 117.27KB)


5††††††††† Chief Executive††††††††

5.1†††††† June and July 2015 - Chief Executive Report (pdf, 166KB)


6††††††††† Membersí Reports†††

6.1†††††† Members' Reports†††††


7††††††††† Public Excluded†††††††

Public excluded reasons and items (pdf, 58.55KB)