Infrastructure Committee Meeting Agenda

11 November 2015



Council Chambers, Thames  

Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       30 September 2015 - Infrastructure Committee Minutes for confirmation (pdf, 68KB)

  Attachment A - UNCONFIRMED - 30 September 2015 - Infrastructure Committee Minutes (pdf, 296.55KB)


2          Roading

2.1       Budget Request - Longreach Development Access Road (pdf, 45KB)

            Attachment A - Location and Construction Concept Plans (pdf, 1.07MB)

2.2       Supplementary agenda item

            Karaka Mountain Bike Track Bridge Structures (pdf, 56.37KB)

            Attachment A - Bridge Structure Design (pdf, 79.60KB)

            Attachment B - Approximate Location of 1st Bridge (pdf, 228.23KB)


3          Water Services

3.1       2015-2016 Water Supply Renewals Budget (pdf, 48KB)

3.2       Biosolids Composter Update Report (pdf, 76KB)

  Attachment A - TCDC Biosolids Composting September 2015 Progress Report (pdf, 288.33KB)

3.3       Victoria Court Stormwater Outlet Funding (pdf, 234KB)

            Attachment A - Photo of existing outlet (pdf, 873.49KB)

            Attachment B - Victoria Court Stormwater Design Showing Outfall (pdf, 789.55KB)

            Attachment C - Report to Tairua-Pauanui Community Board and resolution (pdf, 346.61KB)


4          Solid Waste

4.1       Whangapoua Moloks Drop-off Facility (pdf, 175KB)

            Attachment A - KTB Whangapoua Solid Waste (Moloks) Issues and Options Report (pdf, 877.08KB)


5          Reports

5.1       September 2015 - Infrastructure Committee Action Schedule (pdf, 40KB)

            Attachment A - September - October 2015 Action Schedule (pdf, 80.10KB)

5.2       November 2015 - Infrastructure Group Manager Monthly Report (pdf, 39KB)