Economic Development Committee

Date: 15 March 2016

Time: 09:00am

Venue: Council Chamber 515 Mackay Street, Thames

Item Business

1 Meeting Conduct

1.1 Apologies

1.2 Public Forum

1.3 Items not on the Agenda

1.4 Conflict of Interest

1.5 26 November 2015 - Economic Development Committee minutes for confirmation (pdf, 68KB)

Attachment A - 26 November 2015 - Unconfirmed Economic Development Committee minutes (pdf, 335KB)


2 Economic Development Strategy and Work Programme

2.1 Food Trail and Food Guide report (pdf, 76KB)

2.2 Economic Development programme manager's report (pdf, 233KB)

Attachment A - Broadband letter from MBIE (pdf, 98KB)

Attachment B - Opito Bay Update (pdf, 1MB)


3 Reports

3.1 Sponsorship of the K2 Cycle Race (pdf, 48KB)

3.2 Six-Monthly report from Destination Coromandel and I-Sites (pdf, 44KB)

Attachment A - Destination Coromandel - 6 monthly FA_report (pdf, 2MB)

Attachment B - SLA report Thames i-SITE (pdf, 266KB)

Attachment C - SLA report Whitianga i-Site (pdf, 182KB)

3.3 Members' Reports


4 Public Excluded

4.1 February 2016 - Business Broker report


Resolution to Exclude the Public

Section 48, Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.



That the public:


1. Be excluded from the following parts of the proceedings of this meeting namely:


Item Business

4.1 February 2016 - Business Broker report


The general subject of each matter to be considered while the public is excluded, the reason for passing this resolution in relation to each matter, and the specific grounds under section 48 (1) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 for the passing of this resolution are as follows:


General Subject of each matter to be considered

Reason for passing this Resolution in Relation
to Each Matter

Ground(s) Under Section 48(1) for the Passing
of the Resolution

February 2016 - Business Broker report



7(2)(b)(ii) Protect information where the making available of the information would be likely unreasonably to prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied or who is the subject of the information.


(48)(1)(a)(i) That the public conduct of the whole or the relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting would be likely to result in the disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding would exist. Where the local authority is named or specified in the First Schedule to this Act, under section 6 or section 7 (except section 7(2)(f)(i) of this Act.