Inaugural Coromandel-Colville Community Board meeting

Date: 15 November 2016

Time:  9:00am

Venue: Coromandel Service Centre, 355 Kapanga Road Coromandel


Deputations and Presentations


Time   Item     Business

11am   5.1       Community-Led Development Programme

Item     Business

1          First Meeting following Triennial Election

1.1       Making and Attesting of Members' Declarations (pdf, 84KB)

1.2       Election of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson (pdf, 79KB)

1.3       Elected Member Procedural Matters and Information (pdf, 28KB)


2          Meeting Conduct

2.1       Apologies

2.2       Public Forum

2.3       Items not on the Agenda

2.4       Conflict of Interest


3          Governance

3.1       Easter Trading Policy Report - 15 November 2016 - Coromandel-Colville Community Board        (pdf, 65KB)

3.2       Appointment to the Coromandel Arts & Creative Industries Advisory Board (pdf, 69KB)

            Attachment A - Coromandel Arts and Creative Industries Advisory Board - Expression of Interest - John Eaglen (pdf, 457KB)


4          Local Activities: Policy/Levels of Service Operational

4.1       Kapanga Road Mitigation Options for Shop Veranda Damage (pdf, 240KB)

            Attachment A - Kapanga Road Typical Cross Section (pdf, 227KB)

            Attachment B - Woollams Ave Carpark Directional Signage Plan (pdf, 460KB)

            Attachment C - Remedial Option Diagrams (pdf, 189KB)

            Attachment D - Proposed Parking Restriction Plan (pdf, 247KB)

4.2       Quarterly Roading Update report to Coromandel Community Board (pdf, 54KB)

4.3       Area Manager Update to the Coromandel-Colville Community Board (pdf, 25KB)


5          Reports

5.1       Community-Led Development Programme (pdf, 42KB)

5.2       Elected Member reports