Thames Community Board

Meeting 27/02/2017


Item     Business

1          Meeting Conduct

1.1       Apologies

1.2       Public Forum

1.3       Items not on the Agenda

1.4       Conflict of Interest

1.5       14 November 2016 - Thames Community Board Minutes for Confirmation (pdf, 121KB)

            Attachment A - Unconfirmed 14 November 2016 - Thames Community Board Minutes (pdf, 299KB)


2          Governance

2.1       Thames Community Board Portfolios (pdf, 45KB)


3          Local Activities:

3.1       Request to Change Use of Thames Community Board Grant Funding (pdf, 103KB)

            Attachment A - Letter From Thames Youth Centre (pdf, 53KB)

            Attachment B - Building Quote (pdf, 178KB)

3.2       Thames Local Economic Development Grant (pdf, 84KB)

3.3       Thames Skate Park (pdf, 164KB)

3.4       Thames Promotion Project Update (pdf, 284KB)

            Attachment A - Thames Visitor Promotion and Optimisation Plan (pdf, 788KB)

3.5       The Treasury Business Case for Funding (pdf, 51KB)

            Attachment A - Business Case (pdf, 4MB)

3.6       Public Transport in Thames Trial (pdf, 79KB)

            Attachment A - Public Transport Trial Presentation (pdf, 0KB)

            Attachment B - Further information on Proposal Trial (pdf, 0KB)


4          District Activities:

4.1       Parking Control Bylaw - Amendments 2017 - Thames (pdf, 231KB)

4.2       Quarterly Roading Update (pdf, 42KB)


5          Reports

5.1       October to December 2016 - Thames Centennial Pool - Quarterly Report (pdf, 46KB)

5.2       October - December 2016 Thames-Coromandel District Council Libraries Quarterly Report (pdf, 93KB)

5.3       Thames Community Spaces - Thames Airfield Bi-Annual Update (pdf, 42KB)

5.4       Thames Community Spaces - Harbour Facilities Bi-Annual Update (pdf, 33KB)

5.5       Area Manager Thames & Coromandel Update to the Thames Community Board (pdf, 40KB)

5.6       Thames Community Board Elected Members Report - February 2017 Update (pdf, 41KB)

Attachment A - Elected Member Report - Diane Connors(pdf, 209KB)

Attachment B - Elected Member Report - Mike Veal(pdf, 199KB)