Audit and Risk Committee

Date: 14 November 2017

Time: 10:00am


Venue: Mercury Bay Community Board Room, 10 Monk Street, Whitianga


Item Business

1 Meeting conduct

1.1 Apologies

1.2 Public forum

1.3 Items not on the agenda

1.4 Conflict of interest

1.5 Minutes for confirmation


2 Report

2.1 Request for Excess Water Remission - 640 Wharf Road Coromandel

Attachment A - Application for additional 100% remission

Attachment B - Letter from plumber


2.2 Workplace Safety and Well-being report

Attachment A - Workplace Safety and Wellbeing results


2.3 2017-18 Quarter one - Non financial performance results

Attachment A - 2017-18 Non Financial Performance Measures - Quarter one


2.4 Committee arrangements

Attachment A - Audit and Risk Committee 2016 Terms of Reference

2.5 Members' reports


3 Public Excluded

General Subject of Each Matter to be Considered

Reason for Passing this Resolution

Ground(s) Under Section 48(1) for the Passing of the Resolution

3.1 Public Excluded - Audit and Risk Committee minutes for confirmation

3.2 Corporate risks and issues

(7)(2)(g) Maintain legal professional privilege.

(7)(2)(c)(i) Protect information which is subject to an obligation of confidence or which any person has been or could be compelled to provide under the authority of any enactment, where the making available of the information would be likely to prejudice the supply of similar information, or information from the same source, and it is in the public interest that such information should continue to be supplied.

(48)(1)(a) That the public conduct of the whole or the relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting would be likely to result in the disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding would exist.