Whangamata Community Board

Date: 6 March 2018

Time: 10.00am

Venue: Whangamata Service Centre, 620 Port Road, Whangamata


Item Business

1        Meeting conduct

1.1     Apologies

1.2     Public forum

1.3     Items not on the agenda

1.4     Conflict of interest

1.5     Minutes for confirmation

          Attachment A - Unconfirmed Whangamata Community Board minutes - 7 November 2018

and 5 February 2018 (pdf, 208.54KB)


2        Governance

2.1     Application for community grant - Matariki Community Celebration Team (pdf, 44.32KB)

          Attachment A - Community Grant application - Matariki Community Celebration Team       (pdf, 1.09MB)

2.2     Application for community grant - Whangamata Boardriders Club Inc. (pdf, 43.52KB)

          Attachment A - Community Grant Application - Whangamata Boardriders Club Inc. (pdf, 1.59MB)

2.3     Request for funding from the Discretionary Fund - Paradise Coast Incorporated Society (pdf, 57.16KB)

          Attachment A - Application from Paradise Coast Incorporated Society for funding from the Community Board discretionary fund (pdf, 846.31KB)

2.4     Request for funding from the Discretionary Fund - Enterprise Whangamata (pdf, 27.99KB)

          Attachment A - Request For Funding From The Whangamata Community Board Discretionary Fund - Enterprise Whangamata (pdf, 265.24KB)


3        Local Activities: Policy/levels of service operational

No items received


4        District activities: Local input policy/levels of service

4.1     Parking Control Bylaw - Amendments March 2017 - Whangamata (pdf, 522.13KB)


5        District activities

No items received


6        Reports

6.1     2017/2018 Work Programme update (pdf, 42.09KB)

          Attachment A - 2017/2018 Whangamata Work Programme - February update (pdf, 393.56KB)

6.2     Members Reports