Mercury Bay Community Board

Date: 18 April 2018

Time: 09:00

Venue: Mercury Bay Community Board Room

            10 Monk Street, Whitianga


Item Business


1.      Meeting conduct

1.1    Apologies

1.2    Public Forum

1.3    Items not on the Agenda

1.4    Conflict of Interest

1.5    7 March 2018 - Minutes for confirmation (pdf, 37.8KB)

         Attachment - Unconfirmed 7 March 2018 Mercury Board Minutes (pdf, 583.28KB)



2.      Governance                                                                                                                 

2.1    Reserve Management Plan review (pdf, 216.44KB)

         Attachment A - June 2007 - Whitianga and Wharekaho; June 2007 - Mercury Bay South and September 2008 - Mercury Bay North adopted Reserve Management Plans  (pdf, 2.78MB)


2.2    Kotare memorial garden (pdf, 80.42KB)

         Attachment A     Kotare Reserve Memorial Garden proposal (pdf, 4.49MB)

         Attachment B     The Kotare Reserve Memorial Garden Trust Charitable Deed of Trust (pdf, 3.71MB)

         Attachment C     Kotare Reserve Individual Reserve Plan (pdf, 1.89MB)

         Attachment D     Supporting information and concept plans for Kotare Reserve Memorial Garden (pdf, 4.21MB)

2.3    Parking Control Bylaw - Schedule A amendments - Mercury Bay (pdf, 233.54KB)

2.4    Mercury Bay Medical Facility - Appointment Panel (pdf, 59.02KB)     
Attachment A      Mercury Bay Medical Facilities Trust Appointments Panel - Terms of Reference (216.17KB)


3.      Local activities:  Policy/levels of service operational

3.1    Hahei Grange Road Parking Plan implementation   (pdf, 53.41KB)   



4.      District activities:  Local input policy/levels of service                                        

         No items received         


5.      District activities

         No items received


6.      Reports                                                                                                                        

6.1    2017/2018 Work Programme Update (pdf, 42.65KB)

         Attachment A - Mercury Bay Community Board Work Programme update (pdf, 167.99KB)


6.2    Mercury Bay Community Board correspondence (pdf, 36.56KB)

           Attachment A   Letter received from Chief of Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy (141.56KB)

6.3    Members reports    


7.      Public Excluded