Thames Community Board

Meeting 20 August 2018



Item  Business


1       Meeting conduct

1.1    Apologies

1.2    Public forum

1.3    Items not on the agenda

1.4    Conflict of interest

1.5    Minutes for confirmation (PDF, 141KB)

         Attachment A - Unconfirmed 9 July 2018 Thames Community Board minutes (PDF, 710KB)


2       District activities: Local input policy/levels of service

2.1    Footpath construction and streetlight priorities (PDF, 103KB)

2.2    Financial Impact of Destination Coromandel Rent Review (PDF, 36KB)

2.3    Thames Community Board Grants Fund (PDF, 43.5KB)

         Attachment A - Guidelines for Applications - Thames Community Board Grants Criteria 2018 (PDF, 143KB)


3       Reports

3.1    Work Programme update (PDF, 26.4KB)

         Attachment A - Thames Community Board 2018/19 Work Programme (PDF, 143KB)

3.2    Members' Reports