Coromandel-Colville Community Board

Meeting 25 September 2018

Order Paper



Item  Business


1       Meeting conduct

1.1    Apologies

1.2    Public forum

1.3    Items not on the agenda

1.4    Conflict of interest

1.5    Minutes for confirmation (PDF, 304KB)


2       Governance

2.1    2018-19 Coromandel-Colville Community Board Grants (PDF, 92KB)


3.      Local Activities: Local Input policy/Levels of Service

3.1    Funding of Furey's Bridge painting (PDF, 64KB)

3.2    2018-19 Footpath Construction Programme - Update (PDF, 223KB)

3.3    Te Kouma Road Car Parking (PDF, 85KB)

Attachment A - Te Kouma Road Car Parking Plan (PDF, 532KB)

3.4    Town Centre Upgrade (PDF, 85KB)

3.5    Coromandel Dump Station (PDF, 304KB)

3.6    Draft Coromandel-Colville Reserve Management Plan (PDF, 152KB)

Attachment A - Coromandel-Colville Reserve Management Plan 2018 (PDF, 152KB)

Attachment B - Summary of suggestions (PDF, 6.20MB)


4       Reports

4.1    Coromandel-Colville Community Board Work Programme - Update (PDF, 43KB)

Attachment A - Coromandel-Colville Community Board Work Programme (PDF, 43KB)

Attachment B - Coromandel Town Centre Cameras Insurance (PDF, 274KB)