Mercury Bay Community Board


Date: 03 October 2018

Time: 9.00am

Venue: Mercury Bay Community Board
10 Monk Street


Item Business


1 Meeting conduct

1.1 Apologies

Leave of Absence request - Paul Kelly (PDF, 64KB)

Attachment A - Letter from Chairman Paul Kelly (PDF, xxKB)

1.2 Public forum

1.3 Items not on the agenda

1.4 Conflict of interest

1.5 Minutes for confirmation (PDF, 39KB)

Attachment A - 22 August 2018 - Mercury Bay Community Board - Minutes for Confirmation (PDF, xxKB)


2 Governance

2.1 Mercury Bay Community Board Grants 2018-19 (PDF, 151KB)

Attachment A - Mercury Bay Community Board Grant Schedule 2018-2019 (PDF, 226KB)

Attachment B - 2018-2019 Grant Applications (PDF, 44MB)

Attachment C - 2018/2019 Event Grant Applications (PDF, 10MB)


3 Local Activities: Policy/Levels of Service Operational

3.1 Taputapuatea Spit (PDF, 161KB)

Attachment A - Jim Dahm Email Dated 1 August 2016 (PDF, 600KB)

Attachment B - Taputapuatea Spit Report and Attachments - 24 May 2017 Mercury (PDF, 2.7MB)

Attachment C - Letter to Tony Fox from Trevor Ammundsen - Tree Removal (PDF, 482KB)

Attachment D - Taputapuatea Spit Tree Removal Report and Attachments - 5 July 2017 (PDF, 2.4MB)

Attachment E - 2018 update and proposed work plan Taputapuatea Spit Restoration Project (PDF, 1.3MB)

3.2 Purangi Boat Ramp Pontoon (PDF, 316KB)

Attachment A - Submission from Kane Jones (PDF, 52KB)

3.3 Soldiers Memorial Toilets and Artwork Report (PDF, 62KB)

Attachment A - Soldiers Memorial Park Toilet and Artwork Concept Plan (PDF, 3MB)

3.4 Blacksmith Lane One Way (PDF, 86KB)

Attachment A - Whitianga Town Centre One Way Operation - Traffic Assessment Report (PDF, 4MB)

Attachment B - Blacksmith Lane one way layout (PDF, 522KB)


4 Reports

4.1 Mercury Bay Community Board 2018-19 Work Programme (PDF, 26KB)

Attachment A - Mercury Bay 2018-19 Work Programme Update (PDF, 732KB)

4.2 Correspondence Report (PDF, 30KB)

Attachment A - Letter from Whitianga Gun Club (PDF, 30KB)


5 Public Excluded (PDF, 57KB)