Whangamata Community Board

Date:                 2 October 2018

Time:                10.00am

Venue:              Whangamata Service Centre, 620 Port Road, Whangamata




Item  Business                                                                                                                             


1       Meeting conduct                                                                                                         

1.1    Apologies          

1.2    Public forum      

1.3    Items not on the agenda           

1.4    Conflict of interest         

  1.5  21 August 2018 Whangamata Community Board minutes for confirmation (pdf, 92kb)

         Attachment A – 21 August 2018 Whangamata Community Board minutes (pdf, 183KB)                                                                          

2       Governance     

2.1    Whangamata Community Library funding request (pdf, 78KB)

Attachment A – Whangamata Community Library Inc. Long Term Plan
(pdf, 248KB)

Attachment B – Whangamata Community Library Inc. Financial Statements (pdf, 5.8MB)

2.2    Correction to grant funding recipient (pdf, 59KB)

2.3    2018/2019 Whangamata Community Board Grants (pdf, 210KB)

     Attachment A - Whangamata Community Grants 2018/2019 summary document and

     Applications (pdf, 53MB)

2.4    Request for an increase to the Whangamata Community Grant fund (pdf, 61KB)       



3          District Activities: Local Input

3.1    Proposed Road Names – Kotuku Enterprises Ltd, 2752 SH25 Whangamata (pdf, 92KB)

     Attachment A – Proposed plan showing locations of the proposed road -

     Otahu Heights Subdivision (pdf, 1MB)


4       Reports

4.1    2018/2019 Whangamata Community Board work programme update (pdf, 42KB)   

Attachment A – 2018/2019 Whangamata Work Programme –
September update
(pdf, 63KB)


5       Public excluded (pdf, 54KB)                                                                                     

5.1    Williamson Park, Whangamata - Security                                                                  

5.2    Enterprise Whangamata Incorporated Funding Request