Mercury Bay Community Board

Date: 28 August 2019

Time: 09.00am

Venue: Mercury Bay Service Centre – 10 Monk Street, Whitianga


Item Business

1          Meeting conduct

1.1      Apologies 

1.2      Public forum  

1.3      Items not on the agenda 

1.4      Conflict of Interest

1.5      Minutes for confirmation (pdf, 81KB)

Attachment A – UNCONFIRMED 17 July 2019 - Mercury Bay Community Board minutes(pdf, 276KB)

1.6      Mercury Bay Community Board Correspondence (pdf, 128KB)

Attachment A – Speed Restriction – SH25 Tairua-Whitianga, Coroglen(pdf, 454KB)

Attachment B – Hahei Community Library & Cultural Society Inc Annual Report(pdf, 84KB)

Attachment C – Hahei Water and Waste Water(pdf, 153KB)


2        Community Management

2.1     Mercury Bay Community Board Grants 2019/2020(pdf, 147KB)

Attachment A – Community Grants Policy and criteria (Adopted 26 June 2013) (pdf, 102KB)

Attachment B – 2019/2020 Mercury Bay Community Grant Summary Spreadsheet (pdf, 291KB)

Attachment C & Attachment D - Mercury Bay Community Board grant applications reduced (pdf, 49MB)

2.2     Request to retain a portion of the 2018/19 Mercury Bay Community Grant(pdf, 128KB)

Attachment A – Whitianga Community Menz Shed Trust Community Grant Expenditure

Declaration(pdf, 5MB)

2.3     Matarangi Community Trust – Appointments Panel(pdf, 78KB)

Attachment A – Matarangi Community Trust Appointments Panel - Terms of Reference. (pdf, 53KB)

3        Community Facilities

3.1     Mercury Bay Commercial Licences on Reserves – 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2020(pdf, 152KB)

Attachment A – Expression of Interest – NZ Stone Clad t/a Whangapoua Catering(pdf, 2MB)

Attachment B – Expression of Interest -97 Limited Application(pdf, 2MB)

Attachment C – Expression of Interest – Di’s Diner Application(pdf, 6MB)

3.2     Matarangi Beach East Reserve Encroachments(pdf, 1MB)

3.3     Parks Capital Works Programme 2019/2020(pdf, 76KB)

Attachment A – Work Programme .Community Facilities 2019/20 (pdf, 50KB)

4        Reports

4.1     Mercury Bay Community Board 2018/2019 Work Programme – July Update (pdf, 89KB)

Attachment A – Mercury Bay Community Board Work Programme – July 2019(pdf, 161KB)

4.2     Actions Schedule from 17 July 2019 Mercury Bay Community Board Meeting(pdf, 89KB)